3 Reasons Why Online Casino Gaming Is Fun

When it comes down to it, for all the prizes and promotions, the online casino industry wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the degree of entertainment it provides. Fun is the unheralded element found within the online casino landscape and it arguably what draws in new players on a regular basis. Thankfully for players, in 2015 the fun factor is reaching its peak when it comes to online casino gaming. Here are 3 amazing reasons for why you should start playing online casinos today if you haven’t already.

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The Choice

When it comes to choice, the online casino landscape delivers it and delivers it in a big way. Long gone are the days of players having just a handful of games to choose from. These days an online casino can bring your hundreds of titles to choose from. What online casinos represent nowadays is variety and freedom. Players don’t have to play a “set way” anymore, as through what’s on offer they can play online casino in singapore their way. The vast majority of online casino games come in the form of slots, as this is where the innovation of industry is mostly focused. But don’t despair if you love the classic slots experience. The games of old are still as fun as ever, as they have more often than not have been given a beautiful digital-HD facelift. The prizes and jackpots also carry just as much variation these days. Ranging from token payouts to multi-million pound jackpots, it is all available and it is all available to play when you casino game online.

The Bonuses

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Don’t fancy paying to play online casino games? Then don’t worry, as you don’t have to thanks to online casino portals. The industry now knows that online casino bonuses are commonplace; so online casinos have ramped up the value in what they offer. Staggered matched deposit bonuses have also become commonplace, offering free cash funds upwards of a £1,000. If you want to try before you buy when it comes to online casino games you can now realistically do that.


The Competition

If you want to play jdl 688 online gambling online casino games in a casual manner you are more than welcome to do so. But the online casino industry no encompasses more than just that in 2015. The level of competition amongst players is now reaching new heights, as no matter your game of interest tournaments are likely being held for it. These tournaments are designed to increase user engagement, while they work to allow players to showcase their skills against others. The prizes on show will also be of interest. Often working on a pot system, players will chip into to a main prize pot, with the online casino in question topping it up. Players will then battle it out to win it all. These days if players want to test their online casino skills they can freely do so.


Jackpotjoy’s Jalapeno Racers Slots Sets Feverish Pace

The top coin size is just £2.50. From such low stakes, you can increase your initial outlay by 80,000, meaning lucky winners could walk away with £200,000 with just one spin! To add to the excitement, the game is chock-full of multiple screens, wild symbols and bonus rounds. Slots online don’t get much spicier…

Jalapeno Racers is one of Jackpotjoy’s oldest slots games, and its first ever multi-screen slot. The multi-screen element means you get more chances to win than ever before, as every individual game is split into four separate slots on-screen. With such an eye-popping piñata of pennies up for grabs, your winning chances are immediately boosted.

At Jackpotjoy, the lines come as thick and as fast as the screens. In addition to the multi-screen technology on offer at Jalapeno Racers, you can take advantage of multiple lucky pay lines to play within each game. Either go for a single pay line, or up the ante by playing with as many as 80 lines simultaneously. You can even automatically play with all 80 pay lines at once, simply by hitting ‘bet max’ before you start. Odelay!

The real charm of Jackpotjoy’s Jalapeno Racers lies in its stars, bouncing around the screen like jumping beans after a few margaritas. Ringo, Basil, Barro and Walter are all there to help you spin your way to a win and increase your payout as much as possible. Hit ‘spin’ to reveal four Scatter symbols over the four Jalapeno Racers slots and you’ll be transported instantly into the Jalapeno Race Bonus Game.

It’s here where things really start to hot up. Release your lucky Jalapeno animals and watch them race against a crazy gang of critters. Spur your boys on as they try to win you cash prizes. Keep a particular eye out for the Race Finish Bonus symbol. This elusive item will appear if Ringo, Basil, Barro or Walter finish the race. This is the time to start celebrating an online slots victory, as you’ll bag yourself an extra bonus on top of your mainJackpotjoywinnings!

Jalapeno Racers can be played with very little money, so it’s ideal for online slots lovers of all budgets. Start playingJalapeno Racers from just 1p per spin, and never spend more than £2.50 per pay line. Few slots online offer quite the level of low-stakes fun you get at Jackpotjoy. And the best part for newcomers? You can have a bash at the Jalapeno Racers slots for free and play purely for the fun of it in demo mode. You’re not even required to open a Jackpotjoy account. So strap on your sombrero, stick a couple of quid in the slots and have fun!